“Kara – Kulzha” gymnasium


 “Kara – Kulzha” gymnasium of Osh State University was opened with initiative of the rector OshSU, Isakov Kanybek in 2018, May 26 wish decree № 438.

 In 2018 – 2019 school years at school studied only students of 8 – 11 grades. In this 2020 – 2021 school years students of grades 1 – 11 are trained.

Mission of  the  “Kara – Kulzha” gymnasium

       Combining national tradition with international experience, and implementation of an innovative model of education in the humanities and natural sciences.

The gymnasium teaches in the following areas

Humanitarian sciences: Russian, English, Turkish, Chinese, German languages

Natural  sciences: biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science classes 

        Out side the basic curriculum at the courses:  Kyrgyz, Russian, English languages and chemistry, math, taught  in depth. Also we have preparations for the (ORT) national testing. Languages of  training  in Kyrgyz and Russian. Gymnasium classrooms are equipped with modern computers, interactive white boards and technical equipments. For students from remote regions provides dormitory and they are under the  watchful eye of the educator.

       The upbringing in the school has a national character. Students learn customs, traditions, rich history of  Kyrgyz people, culture, values and modern behavior etiguette of our people, of our ancestors. Students brought  up with the qualities of a young Kyrgyz gentleman and of a following direction.

        It is taught in the following direction:

  1. Family tradition
  2. Tradition of respect for the elder and the  younger
  3. Examples of  Kyrgyz  culture
  4. Moral and faith
  5. Human behavior

  The number of  students does not exceed 20. Students are taken an the basic of a special exam (testing). The test includes Kyrgyz and English language, mathematics, logic questions. And the will be an interview. In order to register for school, the student must come in person.

School administation



Contact  hone

Email address


Kaldybaeva Chynarbu Mametevna



Head of the educational part

Tazhikova Altynai Mamatbakyevna




Abdimalik  kyzy Albina



Head of method logical associations

Humanitarian sciences

Nurdinova Kalya



Natural sciences

Tutueva Sayrash



Primary classes

Karybekova Nrzhamal




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