The department of Master's and PhD doctoral programs

University Structures Offices PhD and master's degree office

The department of Master's and PhD doctoral programs

Адрес Ош шаары Борубай уулу Асылкан көчөсү
Телефон 03222 7-29-12, 7-08-51

Osh State University is a classic research university focused on obtaining and disseminating advanced knowledge and information, ensuring the integration of the educational process, on training the intellectual elite of society on the basis of fundamental research and innovative methods in fulfilling its historical mission aimed at preserving and enriching spiritual values humanity.
Osh State University is one of the three state universities in the country, which have the right to three-level education (bachelor's, master's, doctoral) and today is one of the leading universities in Central Asia.
In 1998, on the basis of an agreement between Osh State University and Ankara University, the training of masters in "Theology" began. As a result of the analysis of the experience of training masters in various master's programs abroad, in 2008 master's programs in "Economics" and "Management" opened on the basis of the Faculty of  Business and Management at Osh State University.
Currently, the university has master's programs in 50 areas, and this list is increasing every year. Currently, the Department of Master's and PhD doctoral programs is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Kenjaev Idrisbek Gulamovich.
Since studying in the master's program is aimed at developing professional competencies based on the European model of education, master students who graduate from the two-year program will have the corresponding general professional, managerial, cultural, and social competencies. This is the purpose of the Master's program.
The task of the Department is to form the relevant general professional, managerial, cultural, and social competencies by involving master students in science, exchanging their views on the results of scientific research in fundamental and applied areas, participating in scientific discussions, teaching them to exchange their views, express and defend their views and ability to work with foreign grants for young scientists in the scientific work, fund-raising;

            The professional activities of masters are:

• organizational and managerial;

• analytical;

• design and economics;

• research

Employees of the Department:

Job title


Contact phone



Kenjaev Idris Gulamovich

03222 5-08-51

Senior Inspector

Asanova Zaripa Asanovna

03222 7-29-12

Senior Inspector

Faizullaeva Gulida Akunbekovna

03222 7-29-12

PROVISION about the order of the basic doctoral studies (PhD)

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