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Functional responsibilities Internship Department

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Internship Department of Osh State University was separated from the Department of Educational Information in 2002 and "University-School" was created as an educational and methodological complex, which until 2005 was headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor D. Babaev.

In 2005, it was joint to the Department of Educational Information and the department headed by a candidate of pedagogical sciences, professor Dzhuraev A.

By the Academic Council decision (based on protocol № 5 from January 30, 2008, and order B41 / 2 from January 31, 2008), the Industrial Relations Department was excluded from the Educational Information Department. Under the leadership of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, the Department of Production and Interaction was created, the director of which was the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor MatikeevT.

In 2020, the department was renamed into the Department of Industrial Practice, and the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor T. Matikeev was approved as a head of the department.

Giving high level of education to the younger generation in accordance with international standards will ensure the development process of various sectors of the country.

 This is always a key point. Its solution depends on the level of modernization,that is, improving and changing the content and methods of teaching following modern requirements. At the same time, teaching methods should have a practical and instrumental orientation, in particular, it is advisable to focus on fundamental and practical training. In this case, the learning process, along with the personality of the trainee, motivation, enthusiasm, interest in learning, should contribute to the development of independence, thinking and mastering knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for life.

Therefore, the main policy of the Kyrgyz Republic is to improve the quality of education, relying on new forms of education following international standards in the education system and emphasizing the great social significance of modern education in Osh region. Department of Industrial Practice, oversees the work of faculties and colleges to develop student skills through the adaptation, field, training, industrial, pre-diploma, pre-qualification and other types of practice.

Functional responsibilities Internship Department

1. Development and approval of the schedule of internship in non-pedagogical specialties at faculties and colleges;

2. Supervision over the implementation of practical hours under the curriculum in conjunction with the departments and the Department of Educational Information;

3. Promotion the development and implementation of work programs according to the types of internship.

4. Making changes in the internship programms, depending on the requirements of stakeholders;

5. Monitoring of the current internship at the enterprises according to the schedule together with the heads of the internship from the faculties;

6. Conclusion of contracts with enterprises, the implementation of online registration in practice by posting them on the site and timely solution of problems with the relevant managers;

7. During the internship, organization of events with enterprises and the faculties, colleges;

8. Organization of orientation and final conferences at faculties and colleges;

9. Organization of preliminary presentation of work programs, practice schedules.

10. Organization of special seminars at faculties and colleges to improve the quality of internship;

11. Sending teachers on business trips to provide methodological assistance to industrial practices in remote and nearby cities;

12. Reception of annual reports on internship;

13. Control payment for production managers;

14. Focus on organizing and conducting internship using new technologies.

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