Osh Teachers' Institute: A Beneficial Educational Experience for Me

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Osh Teachers' Institute: A Beneficial Educational Experience for Me


Sooronbai Jusuev, a graduate of the Osh Teachers' Institute, Kyrgyz national poet

Having enrolled in the Osh Teachers' Institute in 1947, I was immersed in an atmosphere of knowledge and creativity. It was here that I began my journey in literature, publishing poems and participating in a literary circle under the guidance of the prominent writer Kamchy Djunusov.

Even before the publication of my first collection of poems, while I was a second-year student at the Osh Teachers' Institute, I was admitted to the Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan on January 14, 1949. Feeling both joy and responsibility, I started working hard to achieve success. My first collection of poems was published in the "Kyrgyzmambastan" journal in 1950.

Two years after graduating from the Osh Teachers' Institute and starting to work in schools in Osh and Jalal-Abad regions, the institute was renamed the Osh Pedagogical Institute. I was appointed as the head of the department at Voroshilov Secondary School No. 2 in the center of Kurshap district, and later, following orders, I began working as the head of the department at the Osh Oblast newspaper "Lenin Jolu." I remember congratulating the first graduates of the Osh Pedagogical Institute in 1955 by writing the song.

Many anniversary celebrations were held not only in the capital but also in the city of Osh, where my creativity was born, grew, and developed. I also participated and red my poem at the 3000th anniversary celebration of Osh City.  I was overjoyed when the Academic Council of Osh State University awarded me the title of Honorary Professor of the University when I turned 75.

Despite many years passing since I graduated, I always stayed in touch with the university. Additionally, I regularly met with students from the philology faculty. The institute building reminded me of my youth. Indeed, Osh Teachers' Institute was a good educational institution for me."

This information is taken from the book “Osh Mugalimder Institutan Bashtalgan Jol” (2014).