1. What is the purpose of the Automated Information System “Applicant Online?

The Automated Information System Applicant Online is created for the following purposes:

  • Providing foreign applicants with the opportunity to submit applications for admission to Kyrgyz universities electronically.
  • Allowing applicants to explore and choose universities and majors and providing feedback.
  • Centralized registration and collection of applications for participation in the competition, automating the process of creating ranking lists of applicants.
  1. What documents are required for admission to the university?

To be admitted to the university, the following documents are required:

  • Passport (international passport).
  • Proof of education (certificate, diploma, or transcript).
  • Application (to be submitted after selection).
  • Notarized translation of your passport and education documents into Kyrgyz or Russian.
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic confirming the equivalence of your education (to be obtained after selection). 
  1. When will the competition take place in Kyrgyz universities?

The specific timing and location of the entrance exams for each university is determined independently by the university. Applicants should monitor notifications sent to their personal accounts or contact the responsible individuals at the respective university (contact information is provided for each major).

  1. Can foreign students study for free in Kyrgyz universities?

Yes, citizens of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan can study for free in Kyrgyz universities based on agreements with the Kyrgyz Republic at the state level. To do so, you must take the nationwide entrance exams. More information can be found at https://2020.edu.gov.kg/vuz.

  1. Do foreign students receive scholarships?

Foreign students can receive scholarships only if they are admitted on a state-funded basis through the nationwide entrance exams. In other cases, scholarships are not provided to foreign students.

  1. Are there any age restrictions?

 There are no age restrictions for university admission.

  1. How can I obtain a student visa?

After successfully passing the entrance exams, you will receive an invitation to apply for a student visa through the electronic portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic at https://e-visa.gov.kg. Upon arrival, each student signs a contract with the university that specifies their rights and obligations. The contract is signed at the beginning of the academic year.

  1. When should I submit the original documents to the university admissions committee?

You are required to submit the original documents at the beginning of the academic year.

  1.  Can I visit the university admissions committee in person and register for the competition there?

Yes, you can visit the university admissions committee in person, and some universities have official representatives who can assist you. However, make sure to request a document confirming their status as official representatives. Additionally, you can find contact phone numbers for members of the admissions committee in the system for consultation.

  1. Can I study at the university if I don't know the Russian language?

 Yes, you can. Some majors are offered in English, Kyrgyz, or Turkish as the medium of instruction.

  1. I have completed college in my home country. Can I enroll in a bachelor's program at your university, and from which year will I study with a diploma?

A special commission at the university will evaluate your previous coursework and determine your starting year and course of study accordingly.