Children's center of primary education «Zirek»

University Structures Lyceums and gymnasiums "Zirek" Primary Education Center

Children's center of primary education «Zirek»

          Children's center of primary education «Zirek» was opened on November 23, 2013 as a children's center for preschool education – kindergarten «Zirek» on the initiative of the rector of Osh State University, professor K.A.  Isakov and the support of the founder of the international fund «Initiative R. Otunbayeva», ex-president of the Kyrgyz Republic R. Otunbayeva, by decree No. 1 of the Academic Council of Osh State University of 20.09.2013.

2017-2018 academic year on December 29 by order No. 1503 of the rector K.A.  Isakov's kindergarten was completely closed, and on January 4, 2018 it was transformed into the primary education center «Zirek» at the «Yyman» gymnasium of Osh State University.

Mission of the children's center of primary education «Zirek».

 Better education for children by combining national upbringing and modern teaching methods.

 Objectives of the Zirek Children's Center for Primary Education:

 By organizing the educational process based on the state standard of the Kyrgyz Republic, teach children to freely express their thoughts;  to form linguistic and mathematical basic knowledge;  instill an interest in learning, create the necessary conditions for the disclosure of talent and creativity;  to increase the role of parents in the upbringing of children.

The educational process at CPEC «Zirek» is based on 3 principles:

1.Broadening your horizons;

2.Literacy training;

3.Development of the creative potential of students






Primberdieva Gulmayram





Kalykova Nazira

Dep.director for academic and educational work



 Matieva Klara

Trade of union committee




Moldalyeva Gulnara

Head of Sc. Methodological association



Kudaikulova Jazgul

Social educator