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Professional Lyceum No.12

Vocational Lyceum No. 12 is now thought of as an educational establishment that has set itself a lofty aim and can envision its future. It has 620 students, a sizable engineering and technical service personnel, an experienced pedagogical team, material and technical base. 
In its 66 years of extensive experience, Vocational Lyceum No. 12 has been able to forge its outstanding history, values, traditions, and internal corporate culture. Head of Lyceum No. 12 is Kalmamatov B.A, candidate of pedagogic sciences, multiple award winner, nominee for best lyceum management. 
Lyceum No. 12 has:
The best of primary vocational education - 14
The best of education - 5
Winner of the medal "For innovative ideas" - 1
State award winner - 1
Winner of the "Best teacher of the year" nomination - 5
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences - 1
It was re-registered as the educational establishment "Vocational Lyceum No. 12 of Osh State University" in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 636/1 dated April 12, 2022.
High-caliber personnel are prepared at Vocational Lyceum No. 12. Free meals and accommodation are offered to all students. Good students also receive scholarships. Students admitted based on the ninth grade will graduate with a secondary education certificate and a diploma in their chosen field.
For three years, the lyceum prepares students for four professions.
• Tailor and sewing machine operator
• Parquet, carpentry, and carpentry
• Gas and electric welding
• Baker, confectioner, and cook
For ten months, it teaches in five different professions.
• A hair stylist and a makeup artist
• Custom
• Chef and candy maker
• An electrician for electrical equipment upkeep and repairs
• Installer of ventilation, sanitary-technical, and other equipment; electric and gas welding

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