University Senate

Academic Council

Адрес Ленин көчөсү 331
Телефон 03222 70745

The Academic Council, as the main governing body in the management of Osh State University (OshSU), performs several key functions. As a collegial body, it adopts the main local documents that regulate various aspects of the university’s activities: the rules for admission to Osh State University, the list of priority areas of scientific research, regulations on the procedure for filling positions, awarding academic titles, university awards, etc. Holds a competition for the positions of professor, associate professor, chief researcher, elects heads of departments, etc. Carrying out strategic planning, the Academic Council decides on the creation of new faculties, departments and laboratories, branches of Osh State University, the establishment of scholarship programs to support and encourage talented university youth (“Citizenship Scholarship”, “Academic Council Scholarship”), etc. The Academic Council of Osh State University at its meetings solves the most important issues of academic and scientific policy, international cooperation, personnel and social policy, infrastructure development of Osh State University.

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