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PROVISION of the Kyrgyz Republic Academic Council

1. In accordance with the Regulations on the Educational Organization of Higher Professional Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic dated February 3, 2004 No. 53, it is necessary to develop and implement an intra-university policy in terms of educational and scientific activities, solving the major problems of activity at a high professional level higher educational institution, and ensuring the high quality of training of specialists.

2. The Academic Council is a higher education institution's public and professional governing body. the Academic Council's selection, placement, and firing decisions regarding people.

3. The academic council at a higher education institution's primary duties are:

- the analysis of problems and formulation of ideas for the formation, dissolution, consolidation, and division of faculties, departments, and other academic and scientific institutions;

- the acceptance of the yearly and long-term plans for the growth of a higher education institution;

- receiving reports from vice-rectors (deputy's heads) of higher education institutions and heads of its structural divisions on educational, methodological, scientific, financial, and economic activities and taking action to further improve them;

– hearing the heads of higher education institutions' reports on the outcomes of their actions following the conclusion of their terms in office and adopting recommendations for their re-election;

- approval in accordance with the state's current educational standards for qualifications, working curricula and schedules for the educational process, a list of elective disciplines, as well as determining the process for approving academic discipline programs, individual curricula for postgraduates, doctoral students, applicants, as well as individual plans for the preparation of masters degrees and the procedure for monitoring their implementation;

- taking into account concerns with structuring and streamlining the educational process, using efficient learning tools;

- the selection of the primary research directions and the methodology for allocating labor and financial resources to their realization;

- making decisions about how to evaluate the organizational and scientific activities of scientific and educational entities depending on how feasible it would be to develop them;

- receiving reports on the conduct of competitive elections for the posts of the teaching staff, heads of departments, deans of faculties, and heads of other educational and scientific departments in line with approved process;

- taking into account the circumstances of candidates for the academic titles of professor and associate professor, awarding those titles in a specified manner, and submitting them for approval in the academic title;

- consideration of the issues of awarding nominal and state scholarships established for students and graduate students;

- consideration of cases on the presentation of scientific and pedagogical personnel of a higher educational institution for government awards.

4. The Academic Council is formed as part of:

- the rector (chairman of the council), vice-rectors, head of the educational department, deans of faculties, heads of major departments, heads of other scientific and pedagogical departments, trade union and student public organizations (this contingent should not exceed 50 percent of the total number of the Academic Council);

- representatives of faculties and other educational structural units from among the leading scientists, professors and associate professors, elected in the prescribed manner by the council of the relevant structures.

The academic council may include heads of scientific and research institutions, prominent scientists, artists and cultural figures in the field of training specialists who do not work in this educational institution.

5. The composition of the academic council is approved by the rector of the higher educational institution for a period of 2 years in agreement with the public administration body for education.

6. When the members of the academic council leave before the end of its term of office, the replenishment of its established number is carried out at the beginning of the academic year in the same manner in which its composition is formed.

7. By the decision of the academic council of a higher education institution, part of its powers may be transferred to the academic councils of structural units formed in the above manner and in accordance with the charter of the higher education institution. The composition of the academic councils of the subdivisions is approved by the rector of the higher educational institution.

8. In accordance with the charter of a higher educational institution, the powers of the academic council may be expanded.

9. Decisions of the Academic Council on the issues of holding competitions for filling positions of professorial and teaching staff and scientific staff, elections of deans of faculties, heads of departments, and other educational and scientific departments, and submissions for the assignment of academic titles are taken by secret ballot.

Decisions of the Academic Council on issues of educational, scientific, educational, financial, economic, and other activities are taken by open voting, by a simple majority of votes.

The decision of the academic council comes into force after its approval by the rector of the higher educational institution.

10. The meeting of the Academic Council is recorded. The minutes are signed by the chairman and scientific secretary of the council.

11. The Chairman of the Academic Council organizes a systematic verification of the implementation of the decisions of the council and informs the members of the council about the implementation of the decisions taken.

Membership of the Academic Council

Decisions of the Academic Council and documents for competitive elections

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