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Osh State University Business Park

Business Park at Osh State University was established in May 2022 following a working trip by the rector, Kudayberdi Kozhobekov, as part of a delegation of rectors from the Kyrgyz Republic to universities in Silicon Valley, United States.

The Business Park's Objectives:

  • Developing startup projects initiated by students, faculty, and their subsequent implementation.
  • Organizing training, business seminars, and sourcing/engaging investors.

Mission and Goals of the Business Park:

The Business Park aims to engage youth in entrepreneurial activities, foster and develop an interest in business project development, and provide assistance in their execution.

Business Park Goals:

Monetizing and commercializing innovative and entrepreneurial ideas from students and faculty, preparing them for market realities and entrepreneurial endeavors.

External Collaborations:

On December 2, 2022, during the Batken Economic Forum, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Business Park and the Fergana Innovation Center for Youth. This was formalized by the signatures of the respective heads, Erlan Kamalov and Furkat Usmanov. On December 18, 2022, on the sidelines of the international educational forum in Andijan, a trilateral agreement on cooperation was signed between the Osh State University Business Park, the Business Academy of the Fergana Valley, and the BOOST project.

Business Park Contact Information:

  • Instagram: Business.oshsu.kg
  • Facebook: Youth Business Park OshSU
  • Email: business@oshsu.kg
  • Address: Osh City, Masaliev Street, 91
  • Phone: +996 772 750 705, +996 778 693 844



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