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Public Relations Center

Osh State University Public Relations Center includes the television studio "Umut", the newspapers "Nur", "Didactics", press service, and the official website of Osh State University.

Public Relations Center implements the information policy of Osh State University, works on various projects, with students showing interest in journalism, creates and forms a photo and video archive of Osh State University, and maintains the official pages of Osh State University on social networks.

                                                                                        TV studio "Umut"   

On October 12, 1998,  TV studio "Umut"  was founded by the vice-rector for educational work Kanybek Isakov and rector at that tıme  Bektemir Murzubraimov.

The purpose of creating a TV studio was to support talented and creative youth, provide TV viewers with news of culture, art, science and education, cultural, educational and entertainment programs.

Currently, the TV studio is actively functioning, reflecting the news from the life of the university, offering educational programs and author's shows. At the same time, it supports young people with an interest in journalism, giving them the opportunity to develop creatively in practice.

                                                                                         The Newspaper "Nur" 

      The student newspaper "Nur" was founded in 1992. Today, 8 pages, 3,500 copies in color and distributed free of charge to students. An electronic version of the newspaper will be published on the official website of the university. University news, cultural events, information for students, works of students, anniversaries of teachers are constantly published. Announcements of the Unıversıty, the rules of the competition are published in the newspaper.

                                                                                     The   Newspaper "Didaktica"

The newspaper "Didactica" was founded in 2018, with the aim of expressing scientific and pedagogical activities of  University teachers, educational innovations, opinions of scientists.  

Today, the newspaper "Didactics" has 8 pages, 1800 copies in color and is distributed free of charge.

                                                                                          Press Service

The press service of Osh State University was established in 2002. It provides communication with the mass media and broad sections of the public and reports information about the activities of Osh State University. The press service closely cooperates with all regional and republican printed and electronic editions.

                                                                                    Official website of OshSU

The official site of Osh State University was created in January 2014. The site contains information about the general structure of the university, science, education, international relations, faculty, students and applicants.

The main page of the site provides general news of the university, issues of "Umut" TV, and student newspaper "Nur".