I am Proud that My Educational Journey Began at the Osh Pedagogical Institute

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I am Proud that My Educational Journey Began at the Osh Pedagogical Institute


Aytbu Kyrgyzbaeva, Labor Veteran, the Best Worker of Public Education.

I was born in 1923 in the village of Madaniat in the Kara-Suu district. I received my primary education at the school in our village, and then in 1942, I graduated from the 7-year school for peasant youth. That year, after completing 5-month pedagogical courses in Osh, I was appointed as a teacher at the school in the village of Zarbalik. While working there, in 1946, the Osh Pedagogical Institute opened a correspondence department. That same year, I enrolled in the correspondence department of the Osh Pedagogical Institute, majoring in "Kyrgyz Language and Literature".

Students of the correspondence form of education studied twice a year, in winter and summer. We came to Osh and studied. Travel expenses were paid for students who came from afar, but we were not paid because we were from the Kara-Suu district. Nanaev was the dean of our faculty.

Due to life circumstances, I was unable to graduate from the Osh Pedagogical Institute on time. Later, I transferred to the Frunze Women's Pedagogical Institute, where I graduated in 1952. It is worth noting that in 1952 when I was finishing my studies in Frunze, I and my 4 groupmates lived in the house of Iskhak Razzakov for one and a half months. I. Razzakov's wife was a relative of one of our group mates. Although he was the top official of Kyrgyzstan at that time, allowing us to stay at his house showed how humble and kind of a person Iskhak Razzakov was. He was always curious about our living conditions and study and often emphasized the importance of studying hard.

After working many years as a school teacher, I retired. Several times I was elected a deputy of local councils and a delegate to party congresses. I was an excellent worker of public education and was awarded with several medals.  I am proud that my educational journey began at the Osh Pedagogical Institute.