University Structures Governance Vice-rector for student affairs

Artykova Zhyldyz Abdisalimovna

Адрес Ош шаары, Ленин көчөсү 331
Телефон 0773697044
Факс 0(3222) 7-09-15
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Artykova Zhyldyz Abdisalimovna

Vice-rector for student affairs of Osh State University.  She was born on November 18, 1979 in Nookat district of Osh region, Kyrgyzstan.

 - From 1996 to 2001 she studied at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Osh State University.

   2012-2014 - Graduated from the Russian State Social Universite specializing in managment. 


Work Experience:

09.2001-11.2010  Zhyldyz Abdisalimovna began her career as a Lecturer at the Chair of Applied Mathematics and Information  Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies;

11.2010-11.2014  Senior Lecturer of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies;

09.2004-10.2012  Women's Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies, OshSU;

09.2011-09.2015 Secretary of the Academic Council of Mathematics and Information Technologies Faculty

10.2012-09.2015 Deputy Dean for Research and External Relations, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technology, Osh State University;

2015.09-2018.11 Director,  Institute of Teacher Education of Osh State University;

03.02.2020-28.12.2020 Director,  Department of Social and Educational Affairs of Osh State University;

28.12.2020    Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Osh State University.



  • Osh State University Certificates of Honor (2001, 2005, 2006);
  • Certificate of honor of Osh State University. (2012);
  • Osh City Hall Certificate of Honor (2019, 2020);
  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic Certificate of Honor (2017).


-  On June 10, 2014, he defended his  Ph. thesis on the topic Dunder the supervision of Dr. G. Matieva, ., dissertation on " The Geometry of multidimensional surfaces in Euclidean space, as well as the speedof normal speed"  under the guidance of  Professor G.Matieva. 



WhatsApp number: +996 773 697044

Reception: +996 3222 70928


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