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Educational and Information Department

The educational and information department of Osh State University is one of the main structural divisions of the university. The department was created with the aim of organizing the educational process according to higher education programs and creating conditions for its development. The department is responsible for planning and organizing the educational process for all forms of education, developing normative documents for educational and methodological work, assessing the educational process, statistical analysis, reporting and performs other tasks.

The educational and information department of Osh State University is responsible for the preparation and approval of curricula, working curricula for all educational programs, approval of the schedule, educational process, etc. The department prepares documents for licensing, certification and accreditation of higher education, prepares documents for the rating of the university and specialties, controls planning and implementation of the workload of the faculty.

The main tasks of the department:

- planning, organization and control of the educational process for all forms of education;

- organization and control of student internships;

- Providing all types of reporting on the educational process at the University;

- Implementation and improvement of innovative technologies, active and interactive teaching methods in teaching at faculties, coordination;

- Provision of materials for licensing and accreditation of the University.

The main goal of the department is the development, modernization and optimization of the educational process at the university, management and control of the activities of structural units in the educational programs of the university.

The main staff of the "Educational and Information Department"

Full name

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Ибрагим Атабев 





Алимова Гульбар Байышовна

Chief Specialist



Минбаев Советбек Аблазович

Leading Specialist

(03222) 7-22-50


Сатыбалдыева Кумуш Асакеевна

Leading Specialist

(03222) 7-22-50


Турганбаева Мээрим Нурмаматовна




Оморбаева Аксана Турдалыевна

Software engineer



Суркеева Элнура Калдаровна




Акрамжанова Мадина Акрамжановна

Software engineer



Мамаев Эльдияр Нурбекович

Software engineer



Мамат уулу Кутманбек

Software engineer



Ыдырыс уулу Акылбек

Software engineer



Жумабай уулу Нургазы

Software engineer