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The delegation of the Turkic Council met with students of Osh State University.


Representatives of the delegation arrived in Kyrgyzstan to participate in the ethno-folklore forum "Uzgen-Tower-2021" and held a meeting at the university.

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Mustafa Jevat Akshit, President of the Imam Sarahsi International Foundation Mehmet Akshit and President of the Eurasian Writers' Union Yakub Omaroglu shared their experiences and advice.

On September 17, "Uzgen-Munara-2021"  ethno-folklore festival devoted to the 30th  anniversary of  independence  was held  in Uzgen. The festival is organized to promote the historical heritage of the region, to contribute to the spiritual and cultural development of the local population, to disseminate and disseminate national cultural heritage. Participants are the President of KR  Sadyr Japarov, leaders, historians, researchers, cultural figures and representatives of international organizations.

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