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70th anniversary of Professor Bukarbai Imetov!


On November 12, a scientific and creative evening devoted to the 70th anniversary of the Honored Worker of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, famous teacher, mentor, professor Bukarbay Imetov took place at the Main Hall of Osh State University.

Participants were representatives of the plenipotentiary representation of the President in the Osh region, the mayor's office of Osh, the Nookat state administration, the regional trade union committee of workers of education and science, public figures, scientists, teachers, creative intelligentsia and students.

Bukarbay Imetov for many years of work at the university has gone a long and meaningful way from a simple laboratory assistant to the vice-rector of Osh State University, from an ordinary member of the trade union organization of the university to the chairman of the trade union committee, from a teacher to the dean of the faculty.

For more than 50 years of work at Osh State University, and he wrote over 30 scientific articles, compiled curricula "History of Kyrgyz Music", "Manas and Music", compiled a textbook for grade 4 "Music". He is the author of popular science, satirical editions  "Сендейди биз кайдан гана табабыз", "Тамаша", "Кыргыз –Атам".

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