University Structures Governance Rector's Assistant

Rector's Assistant 

Mamatjan uulu Melis was born on January 11, 1992 in the Kara-Suu district of the Osh region. 

2015 - graduated from the Osh Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute, specializing as a teacher of the Kyrgyz language and literature.

2016 - Worked as a teacher of  Kyrgyz language and  literature and Deputy Director of  Educational  Affairs  at  the  Lyceum  "Bilim",  Osh State University.

2017-2019 - Chief editor of the student newspaper "Nur", Osh State University.

Since 2019 - Rector's Assistant  of Osh State University.


  •   Owner of the badge named after Yusuf Balasagyn.


Author of the book of poetic poems "Apakemdin almasy" (Апакемдин алмасы)(2014).

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