Like all industries, the education system is subject to change over time.

Osh State University is at the forefront of social development as a promoter of innovative ideas, new models of education, innovative technologies.

In 2013, the Museum of Osh State University was established on the idea of ​​the Rector of Osh State University, Professor Isakov Kanybek Abduvasitovich(2011-2019).

The museum mainly contains information about when and in what years the university was founded, spiritual and historical figures, forgotten national instruments, models of students of faculties and colleges of the university, cultural circles.

  1. How many students, undergraduates and graduate students are currently studying at Osh State University and the total number of faculty.
  2.  Information on doctors of sciences, candidates of professors, academicians.
  3.  Leaders of Osh State University - information and photos about the leaders who have led and contributed to the development of Osh State University since its inception.
  4. Sports Corner - Medal trophies won by students of Osh State University in sports and international competitions.
  5. Persons left in history - detailed information and photos about historical and spiritual figures.
  6. Gifts from abroad to the university and the rector.
  7. A special map for easy and fast finding of faculties, colleges and dormitories of Osh State University located in the city.

The author of the idea: K.A. Isakov

Artist-designers: U. Teshebaev, I. Kyrgyzbaev, М. Mamazairov.

Working with text and pictures: K. Kalygulov, R. Masutov, А. Turgunbaev







Mamasadyk kyzy Aikanysh

Director of the museum

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