Main Announcements

Competition for startups and digital enterprises has started in the regions

Startup and digital initiatives competitions have been launched in the regions, the purpose of which is to empower rural women, youth, civil society and rural businesses through digital skills. Particular attention is paid to the creation of jobs. Experienced mentors are attached to the participants. Grant amounts depend on the needs of the project.

One can participate in the competition individually and as part of a team. Activities should include the following areas and not only:

• Agriculture, tourism, processing, trade, crafts, sewing and other innovative solutions;

• Creation and development of digital economy skills, application of professional training through information technologies;

• Increasing the effectiveness of neighborhood businesses, the populace, and local governments, as well as increasing their quality of life.

Special requirement. Applications from the Issyk-Kul, Osh, and Batken areas are required, with the intention of executing their initiatives in the following pilot municipalities:

Osh region: Yusupov aiyl okmotu in the Aravan district and Myrza-Ake aiyl okmotu in the Uzgon district;

Batken region: Sumbula ayil okmotu in Leilek district and Kara-Bulak ayil akmotu in Batken district;

Issyk-Kul region: Barskoon aiyl okmotu in Zheti-Oguz district and Kun-Chygysh aiyl okmotu in Ton district.

On the website of the Center for Civic Initiatives “Leader”, or at this link:, applications may be submitted and will be accepted until August 20. The competition is a part of the DigiKonush project, which is being carried out by the Leader Center in collaboration with the Estonian International Development Center, the Kyrgyz State Agency for Regional Development, and the Ministry of Culture, Information, Sports, and Youth Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic. Its goal is to create a sustainable future for rural communities through digitalization.