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17th of November is an international students day


  Dear students!
  Today, the contribution of young people to the socio-economic development of the country can hardly be overestimated.  Youth are the hope and support of the country.  Our country needs educated, creative, spiritually rich young people.
  Among the youth of the country, students of Osh State University also take their worthy place.  We are always proud of our students, their achievements and successes.
  17th of November is an international students day.  I congratulate all students on this wonderful holiday!  There are all the necessary conditions for study and creations for students leisure at OshSU.  I wish you success in your studies, an active life position.
  A good education opens up great opportunities for the future!
  Happy holiday students!

  Respectfully yours, Acting Rector of OshSU, T.K. Erkebaev.