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Meilikan Altybayeva received the "Golden Expert" award


Associate Professor Meilikan Altybaeva, Director of Osh State University's Department of Education Quality, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, was awarded the certificate of "Golden Expert" by the Independent Accreditation Agency "Ednet."

Meilikan Altybaeva has worked in the Department of Methods of Teaching Mathematics since 1974 as a lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, head of the department. 

She has been the Head of the Department of Mathematical Methods for 12 years, the Head of the Department of Education and Information for 6 years, and the Director of the Department of Education Quality at Osh State University since 2008.

In the fields of education and research, Altybaeva has published over 70 teaching materials. The textbook "Teaching Mathematics in High School" was published in 1999, while the book "Designing Learning Outcomes in Vocational Education" was published in 2018.

She is a member of the Academic Council of Osh State University, the editorial board of the series of psychological and pedagogical sciences in the scientific-methodical collection "Bulletin of Osh State University," the President of the Public Foundation "Academy of Education," an expert for EdNet, "El Baasy," and "Rosakkredagenstvo" agencies.

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