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Department of Accreditation and Quality of Education

Department history:

The Department of Education Quality of Osh State University began its work as a department within the educational and information department of the university, headed by ZhoroevKubanych. This department was created in 2004 in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 339 dated May 19, 2003. On October 9, 2006, by order of the rector, the department was renamed into a department, and Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor A. Batyraliev was appointed its director.

Since August 2008, the leading departments are Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor MeilikhanAltybaeva.

The structure of the  includesDepartment of Education Quality those responsible for the quality of teaching of structural divisions of faculties, the head of the career center of Osh State University and the methodological council of the university.

In connection with the implementation of multilevel higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic and the legalization of the institute of accreditation for the issuance of state diplomas to university graduates, the functions of the department have significantly expanded. The need to work with independent agencies registered in the register of the National Accreditation Council under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The department is entrusted with an additional function to study the standards, criteria for accreditation of agencies, to take measures to prepare educational programs for accreditation. Therefore, by order of the rector of Osh State University (2017), the name of the department was renamed "Accreditation and the quality of education."

The main tasks and functions of the department:

Accreditation and the quality of education carries out activities aimed at improving the quality of education at Osh State University, such as preparing for accreditation, organizing and conducting a self-assessment procedure, developing mechanisms, parameters and procedures for quality control of educational programs, control and monitoring of the process.

The main tasks of Accreditation and the quality of education:

• Development of a university policy in the field of quality in conjunction with the management of Osh State University;

• Development, implementation and support of an effective quality system based on the harmonization of state educational standards, accreditation indicators and international standards;

• Coordination of the activities of the structural divisions of Osh State University to ensure the quality of education;

• Systematic monitoring of indicative indicators of educational activity;

• Organization and implementation of self-assessment and accreditation procedures, analysis of reports;

• Study of foreign experience in the field of quality assurance and assurance in order to determine the possibility of its application in Osh State University.

Accreditation and the quality of educationsfunctions:

• Organizes an assessment of the quality of documentation accompanying the training process.

• Organizes assistance to structural units on issues related to the implementation of quality control of educational programs.

• Organizes the analysis of the results of the current, intermediate and final control of students' knowledge.

• Analyzes the quality of the Assessment Fund (EF) for the State Attestation Commission and the results of the work of the State Attestation Commission.

• Evaluates the quality of the educational-methodological complex of disciplines of teachers, the adequacy of subject FOS and the result of teaching the educational program.

• Prepares, organizes, conducts surveys (questionnaires) to improve the quality of education among students, faculty and staff of Osh State University and analyzes the results of the survey.

• Conducts a survey of students to assess the quality of teaching disciplines of the teaching staff in accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standard.

• Organizes a survey among employers and graduates of educational programs to determine satisfaction with the level of training of graduates.

• Organizes and conducts regular inspections, coordination of corrective measures based on their results, control over their implementation by structural units on education quality issues.

• Prepares statistical reports, information and analytical materials based on the results of surveys, inspections, monitoring.

• Organizes and manages coordination, information and methodological support, control and analysis of the activities of structural units on accreditation issues.

• Organizes meetings, seminars, conferences on accreditation, self-assessment and quality of education.

Accreditation and the quality of educationsrights:

When performing its functions, Accreditation and the quality of education has the following rights:

• Obtaining support from structural divisions of Osh State University for the effective implementation of measures and procedures for the quality control system of educational programs of the University;

• request information from the heads of structural divisions on issues within the competence of the department;

• representing the interests of Osh State University in the prescribed manner in relations with external institutions and organizations on issues within the competence of the department;

• make proposals to the management on issues related to the competence of DAKO, to improve its activities;

• involve employees of structural divisions in their work in agreement with managers;

The level of responsibility of the department employees is determined by the job descriptions.


Employees of the Department of "Accreditation and Quality of Education"








Director of the Department of Accreditation and Quality of Education





Senior Inspector





Senior Inspector




Senior Inspector




Coordinator of the educational and methodological council




MatkalykovAziret Ali Salaydinbekovich

Head of career center


The policy Osh State University in the field of quality of education

Accreditation process via independent accreditation agencies OshSU

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