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Адрес 21 I. Razzakov avenue, Osh city
Телефон (03222)8-28-23
Веб-сайт http://law.oshsu.kg/
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The Faculty of Law at Osh State University has a rich history and a commendable track record of training highly qualified specialists in the field of humanities. The roots of this faculty date back to 1992 when the Osh State Pedagogical Institute was elevated to university status to meet the growing demand for specialized education.

In its early days, the department of jurisprudence was housed within the Faculty of History. However, recognizing the need for an independent faculty dedicated to the study and practice of law, the Faculty of Jurisprudence was formally established in 1996.

Over the years, the faculty has been under the leadership of distinguished individuals who have contributed significantly to its growth. Initially, it was headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences and Associate Professor Zh.A. Adilbaev. Since 1998, the reins of the faculty have been in the capable hands of Candidate of Legal Sciences E.S. Toktorov.

In 2007, Osh State University underwent a restructuring process aimed at optimizing its structure. This led to the establishment of a "Customs and Law" faculty. Subsequently, a department dedicated to "Customs" was opened within this new faculty. In September of the same year, the faculty was further transformed into the Faculty of History and Law.

The faculty's commitment to excellence in legal education has seen the addition of new specialties. In the 2010-2011 academic year, the specialty of "Social Affairs" was attached to the faculty, offering students the opportunity to specialize in this field.

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive legal education, the Academic Council of Osh State University took a significant step in 2013. It reinstated key departments, including "Theory and History of State and Law," "Criminal Law and Procedure," "Civil Law and Process," and "Judicial Process, Examination, and Customs Affairs." These departments have been instrumental in offering a well-rounded legal education to students.

The faculty's commitment to producing competent and responsible citizens goes beyond the classroom. It aims to shape students' civic positions and equips them with the necessary skills to thrive in modern society. It values the preservation and enhancement of moral, legal, cultural, and scientific values in society, fostering a well-rounded approach to education.

In 2014, to further elevate its standing and impact, the Faculty of Law became an independent entity within Osh State University. This move reflects the faculty's dedication to advancing legal education and meeting the evolving demands of the legal profession.

The Faculty of Law at Osh State University is not only a center for academic excellence but also a vital institution that shapes the future of highly qualified legal professionals. It stands as a beacon of legal education, committed to upholding the moral and ethical values that are essential in the world of law. As it continues to evolve and grow, the faculty remains dedicated to providing top-tier education and contributing to the broader legal community.








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