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Faculty of Law

Адрес 21 I. Razzakov avenue, Osh city
Телефон (03222)8-28-23

The Faculty of Law trains highly qualified specialists in the field of the humanities.

The Law Faculty’s  history dates back to 1992, when the Osh State Pedagogical Institute received the status of a university due to the need to train the required specialties. Initially, the department of jurisprudence was part of the Faculty of History, and in 1996 an independent faculty of jurisprudence was established.

The faculty is headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Zh.A. Adilbaev. Since 1998, this faculty has been headed by Candidate of Legal Sciences E.S. Toktorov.

In 2007, in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of Osh State University and order No. 238 of August 29, 2007, in order to optimize the structure of Osh State University, a “customs and law” faculty was established, and in September 2007, by order of the rector of Osh State University No. 241 / 1 at the Faculty of Customs and Law, the department "Customs" was opened. From the 2008-2009 academic year, the Faculty of Customs and Law was transformed into the Faculty of History and Law.

Since the 2010-2011 academic year, by the decision of the Academic Council of Osh State University, the specialty “Social Affairs” has been attached to this faculty with the qualification “Specialty in Social Affairs”.

By the decision of the Academic Council of Osh State University of September 20, 2013, the departments were re-established: “Theory and History of State and Law”; “Criminal Law and Procedure”; “Civil law and process”; "Judicial process, examination and Customs Affairs" 4 graduate departments work in the specialty.

By order of the rector No. 405 of September 5, 2014, an independent faculty of law was created.


Theory and history of state and law

Criminal law and process

Civil law and process

Litigation, Expertise and Customs

The goal of the faculty is to provide the future with highly qualified legal personnel; Achieving competition in the legal education market.

The task of the faculty is to form a student's civic position, the ability to work and live in modern conditions. Preservation and enhancement of the moral, legal, cultural and scientific values of society.








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Kuldysheva G.K



Deputy dean for full-time study department Shookumova D.P.

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Deputy dean for correspondence and distance education department Patiev N.M.

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Deputy dean for educational affairs Mamataliyev J.K

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Deputy dean for scientific affairs Aitmamatova U.A.

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Deputy dean for international relations Pazylov N.A.

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Master Study Department 

Dehkanova K.A



Secretary of the Council of Scientists Jeenbekova J.S



Internship manager

Orozbaeva B.A. .

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Faculty trade union Tabaldiev N.A.

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