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Sivas Cumhuriyet University admission for the upcoming autumn semester is now taking place

Students can now enroll in the following exchange programs for the fall semester under the terms of the bilateral cooperation agreement between Osh State University and the Turkish Sivas Cumhuriyet University.

Physics, biology, chemistry, theology, tourism management, computer engineering, translation and translation studies, English philology, German philology, English teacher, German teacher, journalism, economics, management, accounting, psychology, history, social work, veterinary medicine, training trainers, physical education, literature, folk literature, dialects of the Turkish language, finance, medical faculty, dentistry, pharmacy, law, pedagogical specialties, nursing, architecture, etc.

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Acceptance requirements:


B2 level proficiency in the Turkish language;

good academic standing;

payment of half of Osh State University's tuition costs;

Turkish education is free;

the cost of travel and other expenditures is borne by the students;

600 lira per month for a state-run hostel (where there are rooms for girls), and 1500 lira per month for a private hostel (for men);

For insurance and an international identification card (ikamet), a cost of 350–400 liras is required;

Sivas is 7 km from the campus (university campus);

The deadline for submissions is June 30.

Program manager:


Ainura Kulnazarova, Senior Lecturer at the Higher School of International Educational Programs' Department of Integration of Turkic Speaking Countries


Tel: 709-440530


Email address: