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For the improvement of the education sector, $100 million was received


On August 3, in Cholpon-Ata, Almazbek Beishenaliev, the minister of education and science, consented to accept financial support for the growth of the educational sector during the IV meeting of the Arab Coordination Group.

The growth of education was a topic of discussion among members of the Arab Coordination Group as they participated in the Kyrgyz Republic's 2022–2026 National Development Program.

Almazbek Beishenaliev stated that the Kyrgyz Republic has the legal right to receive a grant of 15 million US dollars and a loan of 85 million US dollars in compliance with the agreements struck.

The grant is expected to be used to provide textbooks and enhance educational standards. Kindergartens will be constructed using half of the financing from the Islamic Development Bank, the Abu Dhabi Development Fund, and other ACG members; schools will be constructed with the remaining half.

By building kindergartens, an additional 45,000 kids will have access to preschool education, 45,000 kids will be able to attend new schools, and 3,000 educators and teachers will have jobs as a result.