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Cultural aspects of Spain


The event “Spanish Culture Days” was held at the Higher School of International Educational Programs. The cultural event participants were Vice-rector for student affairs Zhyldyz Artykova, Department of International Relations Director  Abdygany Abduvaliev, Director of the Higher School of International Educational Programs Dilmurat Tursunov, teaching and student staff of the structure.

Students reflected the history of the Spanish people, customs and traditions, national songs and dances. An exhibition of national Spanish dishes was also organized.

The event was organized by the Department of European-American Integration, with the active participation of Inmaculada Valesco Gomez, a volunteer from the Spanish University of Cadiz, who has been working at Osh State University since 2018.

At the department, students from 1 to 3 courses study Spanish. Through Spanish, students participate in an Erasmus + program, and  7 students of OshSU were trained at the University of Cadiz under the Erasmus + program. In the spring semester of the academic year 2021-2022, it is planned to send three more students to Spain.

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